Star-planet interactions

Stars and planets are gravitationally linked. But they interact in many other ways as well: tides, magnetism, winds, irradiation are all factor of star-planet interaction that can affect both the planet and its hosting star.

The star-planet interaction catalogue provides a list of parameters that can be used to assess the strength of these interactions: X and UV stellar flux, plasma conditions at the planetary orbit, tidal dissipation coefficients, among others. The majority of these parameters were estimated thanks to cutting-edge models at the forefront of the research on exoplanetary science. 

Numerical simulation of an exoplanet on close-orbit around HD 189733

Star-planet interactions parameters is a list of all the physical parameters necessary to assess the type of magnetic and tidal interactions that take place for the Exoplanets-A sample.

A readme file associated to this resource lists the relevant parameters and explains how they were derived.

Table of parameters and data-visualization