ExoTETHyS – Modelisation

ExoTETHyS is an open-source package which aims to provide a stand-alone set of tools for modelling exoplanetary transits, eclipsing binaries and related phenomena.  

In its first version, ExoTETHyS implements two subpackages: SAIL (Stellar Atmosphere Intensity Limb) which computes stellar limb-darkening coefficients and TRIP (Transit Ring-Integrated Profile) which computes exact transit light-curves

1. Package SAIL (Stellar Atmosphere Intensity Limb)

This subpackage can provide sets of stellar limb-darkening coefficients with: continuous ranges of the stellar parameters (effective temperature, surface log gravity, scaled solar metallicity); built-in or user-defined passbands (with or without spectroscopic bins); built-in or user-defined limb-darkening laws; using different databases of stellar model-atmospheres.

2. Package TRIP (Transit Ring-Integrated Profile)

This subpackage can compute an exact transit lightcurve generator based on the entire stellar intensity profile rather than limb-darkening coefficients. These functions have already been used by other members of the JWST and ARIEL consortia (e.g., Tsiaras et al., 2019; Sarkar et al., 2020).