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An exoplanet is a planet outside the Solar system, orbiting another star…

Since 1990s, astronomers have kept detecting planets around other stars outside the Solar System: we call them “exoplanets” or “extrasolar planets”. In 2019, observations have led to more than 5000 exoplanet candidates with an impressive diversity.

Their distance to the host star and their mass give the first indication of potential habitability. It’s time to go a step further and investigate their atmosphere for learning about their molecular composition, searching for biosignature gases and retracing their evolution.

This knowledge server provides you with scientific and educational resources that have been collected by the European Exoplanets-A project: archival data, exoplanet and host star parameters, novel methods and tools for characterizing exoplanet atmosphere, as well online courses, serious games and data visualisation.

Gaia’s data release 3

ESA’s Gaia space telescope revolutionises our understanding of the Milky Way. It scans the sky to measure the position, movement,...