VOSA-Exoplanet – VO Tools

VOSA-Exoplanet consists in a web-based tool which collects photometric data from the user and/or public databases under the Virtual Observatory protocol, together with theoretical models, in order to fit the data and derive atmospheric properties of the planet. Note that the tool will be regularly updated during the project with additional theoretical models (especially for transiting exoplanets) and, if needed, additional functionalities.

Reference: Spanish Virtual Observatory project

The tool includes an initial menu which allows:

  • – adding data for single objects or a list (“FILES” box);
  • – including additional external data, mainly distance to the host star (“OBJECTS” box);
  • – building the planet Spectral Energy Distribution (“Build SEDs” box), including user and VO photometry;
  • – fitting the theoretical models with different methods (“Analyse SEDs” box);
  • – displaying the results and exporting them (“Results” box). Currently, bolometric luminosity (by integrating the photometry and using the known distance) and from the model fit, effective temperature, surface gravity and metallicity. New properties will be added as additional models are included.

The tool is fully operational. The use is not restricted, but it requires to register. It prompts for a username and password since it keeps a number of files and database entries with the user results and we need to be able to identify which results belong to which user, so that the user can recover them in future sessions.