Tau Rex new publication

TauREx III: A fast, dynamic and extendable framework for retrievals
Authors: A. F. Al-Refaie, Q. Changeat, I. P. Waldmann, and G. Tinetti

TauREx 3 is the next generation of the TauREx exoplanet atmospheric retrieval framework for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a complete rewrite with a full Python stack that makes it simple to use, high performance and dynamic/flexible.

The new main TauREx program is extremely modular, allowing the user to augment TauREx functionalities with their own code and easily perform retrievals on their own parameters. This is achieved by dynamic determination of fitting parameters where TauREx 3 can detect new parameters for retrieval from the user code though a simple interface. TauREx 3 can act as a library with a simple import taurex providing a rich set of classes and functions related to atmospheric modelling. A 10×speed-up in forward model computations is achieved compared to the previous version with a six-fold reduction in retrieval times whilst maintaining robust results. TauREx 3 intends to act as a standalone, all in one package for retrievals whilst the TauREx 3 python library can be used by the user to easily build or augment their own data pipelines.