Host stars

One of the primary objectives of the Exoplanets-A project is to establish new insight on the influence of the host star on the planetary atmosphere. To model successfully the exoplanet atmosphere, it is necessary to have a sound knowledge of the host star. To this end, we are collecting a coherent and uniform database of the relevant properties of host stars from online archives (e.g. XMM-Newton, Gaia) and publications.

Credits: ESA/ATG medialab

In addition to compiling the observational data, we will where necessary, e.g. in the EUV, interpolate, extrapolate and scale spectral and other information, to cover gaps in the observational data, in order to provide the full XUV spectral range for modelling the host-star influence on the exoplanet atmosphere. This work will be accompanied by computer models to assess the importance of star-planet interactions, for example the “space weather” effects of the star on its planetary system.

We will also model the possible evolutionary scenarios for the stellar activity over the star’s lifetime, in order to gain insight into the past environment of the exoplanet.

Currently, the catalogue contains information for 113 host-stars, hence including all the exoplanetary systems being studied by the Exoplanets-A project.

Host stars

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